When BCG Fails… Know All the Options - Gary Steinberg

When BCG Fails… Know All the Options

Presentation from the 2017 annual LUGPA meeting in Chicago, IL

(Length of Presentation: 32 min)

Gary Steinberg, MD overviews the history of BCG since the 1980’s and it being the chosen method of treatment regardless if the patient has low, intermediate or high risk disease. He highlights the number of patients receiving BCG, and maintenance is the same and his talk encourages a new era of looking at non muscle invasive bladder cancer, separating it by risk and letting the risk determine the subsequent treatment.  Dr. Steinberg spends some time detailing new delivery systems for intravesical agents, salvage regimens for BCG-refractory/resistant patients and the current and new drug delivery systems.

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Gary D. Steinberg, MD, FACS, Bruce and Beth White Family Professor, Professor of Surgery, Director, Urologic Oncology, University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL

Dr. Steinberg has been on the faculty of the Department of Surgery/Urology since 1994, and is the Director of Urologic Oncology. He is actively involved in developing and performing innovative surgical procedures for patients with bladder, kidney, testicular and prostate cancer. He performs a large number of continent urinary reconstructions in men and women who have their bladder removed for cancer. He is also actively involved in a number of clinical trials testing newer treatments for urologic cancers, especially locally advanced bladder and kidney cancer.