Genomic Testing and Hereditary Prostate Cancer- Interview with Leonard Gomella

Dr. Leonard Gomella gives Charles Ryan, MD an overview of the current state of the rapidly evolving field of genetic and genomic testing for prostate cancer.  He highlights the movement from somatic changes in the tumor and into inherited risk and guidelines for the urologist to approach the prostate cancer patients with this concern. 

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Familial prostate cancer.


Leonard G. Gomella, MD, FACS Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, Professor, Chair, Department of Urology, Director, Kimmel Cancer Center Network. Specializing in Urology, Urologic Oncology

Dr. Leonard Gomella is the Bernard W. Godwin, Jr. Professor of Prostate Cancer and Chairman of the Department of Urology at Jefferson Medical College. Originally from New York, Dr. Gomella completed medical school, general surgery and urology training at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky. After a Urologic Oncology Fellowship in the Surgery Branch of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, he joined the faculty of Jefferson Medical College in 1988 and was appointed Chair in 2002. He is also Associate Director for Clinical Affairs for the Kimmel Cancer at Jefferson and Urology Chair for RTOG, serving as lead Urology investigator on multiple national trials. In 2008 he was named Clinical Director of the Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center Network.

Charles Ryan, MD