Chemotherapy in Prostate Cancer: Why, When and How? - Fred Saad

Chemotherapy in Prostate Cancer: Why, When and How? 

Presentation from the 2017 Annual LUGPA meeting in Chicago, IL

(Length of Presentation: 23 min)

Dr. Fred Saad provides his perspective on the use of chemotherapy in patients with prostate cancer and the role that different therapies play in various disease states. Dr. Sadd sites data from several clinical trials using different therapies, noting that almost all patients with mCRPC benefit from the use of hormonally-based therapy as the first line treatment, which should be administered early in the disease state. Dr. Saad also noted that for patients with metastatic PCa, chemotherapy still plays a role upfront in some patients, but is significant for almost all who are hormone-sensitive. However, the role of chemo in low volume and non-metastatic disease is still questionable. Ultimately clinicians must recognize resistance early so that patients can get access to multiple lines of therapy, which leads to better outcomes.

WATCH: Alicia Morgans interview Fred Saad at the LUGPA 2017 Annual Meeting  

Fred Saad MD FRCS, is Full Professor and Chief of Urology and Director of GU Oncology at the University of Montreal Hospital Centers (CHUM). He holds the U of M Endowed Chair in Prostate Cancer Research and is Director of the molecular oncology research lab in Prostate Cancer. He is the past Chair of the National Cancer Institute of Canada G-U Group and the Canadian Urologic Oncology Group. Dr. Saad has been involved in most of the important clinical trials in advanced prostate cancer over the last 20 years and presently sits on 7 steering committees of international clinical trials. In 2014 he received the lifetime achievement award for research from the CHUM Research Center.

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