Sequencing and Combining CRPC Therapies: What Does the Future Hold? - Charles Ryan

Sequencing and Combining CRPC Therapies: What Does the Future Hold?

Presentation from the 2017 Annual LUGPA meeting in Chicago, IL

(Length of Presentation: 21 min)

Dr. Charles Ryan provides a comprehensive overview of CRPC including the natural history of prostate cancer and the many sequences that exist in the treatment of the disease. Dr. Ryan states that CRPC is a broad-spectrum condition so it's important to recognize the principles of personalizing CRPC management. He also added that with CRPC, the disease doesn’t become resistant to androgens, it becomes hyper-sensitive to them. Therefore, AR targeting in CRPC provides the opportunity for clinical benefit with low morbidity.  Other resistance patterns and how they differ, which may be driven by changes in tumor biology, are also discussed.  Dr. Ryan believes in the future biopsies of metastases or ctDNA will become a requirement to evaluate pathways in the future.


Charles Ryan, MD

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