The Nocturia Patient - David Sussman

April 18, 2018

(Length of Conversation: 6 min)

Alan Wein and David Sussman discuss the nocturia patient.  David Sussman talks about the types of patients he sees suffering from overactive bladder. 

Despite OAB and BPH treatments many patients do not see improvement in the nocturia symptoms and up until now there has not been an FDA approved medical treatment.  The field has been searching for years for something to treat patients with persistent nocturia.  

David O. Sussman, DO, FACOS, Professor of Urology, Rowan University , Glassboro, New Jersey, Urology/Incontinence & Voiding/Erectile Dysfunction, American Osteopathic Board of Surgery

Alan J. Wein, MD, PhD (Hon.)

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