The Male ISC Experience - Karen Logan

May 19, 2015

The Male ISC Experience 

Karen Logan discusses quality of life for patients performing intermittent self-catheterization (ISC), and presents data from a UK multi-center patient satisfaction survey evaluating the features of a male ISC silicone catheter.

Karen Logan, OBE, RGN, DipN, MSc.
Nurse Consultant and Director of Continence Services
Aneurin Bevan Health Board, UK

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Karen Logan took up post as a Nurse Consultant in Continence Care at Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust in January 2003.  Karen heads up a multidisciplinary integrated continence service, professionally leading a team of 5 continence advisors.

Karen trained in the University Hospital of Wales Cardiff in 1979.  Karen’s background was working as a urology nurse and continence advisor and then continence service manager.  She continued to develop a special interest in continence care and undertook a master’s degree at the University of Wales Cardiff.  She is a member of the International Continence Society, Association of Continence Advice and the British Association of Urological Nurses and has extensive networks within the UK. Karen is an honorary lecturer at the University of Wales.

Her career highlights include receiving the Nursing Times Award 2003 for developing a nurse led interdisciplinary continence service, a highly commended award for the best team approach in integrated continence services at the Primary Care Department of Health Awards. Recently in 2008 Karen was awarded the prestigious Nurse of the Year title and won the continence innovation category at the Nursing Standards 2008 Awards.  She has also gained a reputation both nationally and internationally as an opinion leader within her specialist field and is invited to speak at nursing and medical conferences throughout the UK and as far as field as Malaysia and Canada.

The consultant nurse role involves developing and maintaining a virtual multidisciplinary continence service, which provides access for all ages and groups of people suffering with bladder and bowel problems.  The leadership role involves crossing all boundaries and bringing together the key stakeholders in continence care to ensure government guidelines are met in providing a quality service.

Karen has developed the following policies and best practice guidelines.

  • The Catheterisation Policy (incorporating male and female catheterisation, intermittent self catheterisation, supra pubic catheterisation and discharge pathway).
  • Management of the catheterised patient pathway in conjunction with Map of Medicine.
  • Continence Promotion Policy.
  • Postnatal Retention of Urine Guidelines
  • Postnatal Risk Assessment Tool
  • CARE Continence Advisors Research & Education Pack for incontinence.
  • Skills for Health National Occupational Standards in Continence Care and  Continence Care Competencies.
  • Skills for Health National Occupational Standards and Competencies for Catheterisation.
  • Training packages on continence promotion and catheterisation.

She has a special  interest in pregnancy, childbirth incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, intermittent self catheterisation and quality of life measurement tools.