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Types of Neurogenic Bladder Disorders - Diane Newman

Diane Newman, adult nurse practitioner and a continence nurse specialist in urology outlines four types of neurogenic bladder disorders: atonic bladder, hyper-reflexive bladder, uninhibited bladder, and sensorimotor paralytic bladder. In addition to describing their symptoms, she also advises on how to diagnose and treat these disorders. Biographies: Diane K. Newman, DNP, ANP-BC, FAAN , Adjunct Pr...

Intermittent Catheters by Hollister- Mary Anne Wasner and Meryl Dillon

Mary Anne Wasner and Meryl Dillon discuss the intermittent catheters offered by Hollister Incorporated with Diane Newman. They review the features of the VaPro catheter products including the hydrophilic coating, protective sleeve, and tip along with the Coude tip feature. They also discuss the Onli catheter which has the same hydrophilic coating as the VaPro and is intended to be easy to teach an...

The Unique Features of Wellspect Urinary Catheters- A Discussion with Diane Newman, Susanne Lindholm and Anna Malmborg

Diane Newman discusses, in a “show and tell” style, catheter options for patients with lower urinary tract dysfunction with Susanne Lindholm and Anna Malmborg from Wellspect HealthCare, a provider of LoFric ® urinary catheters and the Navina bowel management system. The two catheters reviewed are the LoFric® Sense™ for female catheterization and the LoFric® Origo™ for males. A third product review...

Clinical Application of Urologic Catheters, Devices and Products, A Book Review with Alan Wein

(Length of Discussion: 4 min) Diane Newman and Alan Wein discuss highlights of a book they co-edited along with Eric Rovner. The value to the urologic community is inclusive of patients as well as those physicians in training. Many urologists who do not work directly with an APP will find much of its content relevant to patient care for this patient population. Biographies: Diane K. Newman, DNP Al...

Clinical Application of Urologic Catheters, Devices and Products, A Book Review with Eric Rovner

(Length of Discussion: 3 min) Diane Newman and Eric Rovner discuss a newly published book on urologic devices and catheters. This book is written for the urology and gynecology community and mindfully designed to be a great resource for patients as well. The book houses a breadth of topics from urologic devices, skin care, catheter options, and procedures. Biographies: Diane K. Newman, DNP Eric S....
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