Point - CounterPoint: Are Novel Biomarkers Ready For Primetime in Routine Detection of Prostate Cancer?- Scott Eggener

January 17, 2017

Dr. David Crawford invites Dr. Scott Eggener to participate in a point-counter point discussion on novel biomarkers in the detection of prostate cancer. Dr. Eggener lectures includes information on different biomarkers and reviews the data that supports his position that novel biomarkers are ready for prime time. Novel prostate cancer screening biomarkers preserve benefits of screening and dramatically minimize biopsies, number of men requiring treatment, and morbidity.

Scott Eggener, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
Co-Director, Prostate Cancer Program
Director of Translational and Outcomes Research, Section of Urology

Scott Eggener, MD, is an experienced robotic and open surgeon who specializes in the care of patients with prostate, kidney and testicular cancers.
His research -- which has resulted in over 200 publications – exclusively focuses on urologic cancers and primarily focuses on improving the screening and care of men with prostate cancer. Dr. Eggener's research has been presented at national and international meetings. He is a senior faculty scholar at the Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence, an associate editor at four medical journals, on the executive board of IVUMed, and frequently participates in volunteer educational and surgical international missions.