ESMO 2018 VL

Current Management of Bone Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer : Panel Discussion

Daniel George is joined by a multi-specialty group of experts to discuss the latest research on CRPC with bone metastases. The conversation details the mechanism of action of Radium-223 in prostate cancer, a review of the ALSYMPCA trial and the impact of the ERA-223 trial. Biographies: Daniel George, MD is Professor of Medicine and Surgery, Divisions of Medical Oncology and Urology in the Duke Uni...

Monitoring Treatment Toxicities in Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma: discussion with Dan George and Tian Zhang

Dan George and Tian Zhang share their views on monitoring treatment toxicities that patients with renal cell carcinoma may experience. Emphasis is placed on counseling patients on expectations and managing baseline comorbities. Maintaining prescribed treatment schedule while focused on quality of life remains the challenging goal for an effective treatment outcome. Biographies: Tian Zhang, MD, Ass...

STARTAR Trial: Systemic Therapy in Salvage Setting for Prostate Cancer- Tian Zhang

(Length of Discussion: 8 min) Tian Zhang discusses with Alicia Morgans the STARTAR trial, a phase 2 enrolling high risk prostate cancer patients with Gleason 7 T3 or Gleason 8-10 who have developed PSA recurrence and adding systemic agents to standard of care with the goal of extending the lives of this patient population. They discuss logistics for patients who may qualify for this trial. Biograp...

Evolution of the NCCN Guidelines for Kidney Cancer -Tian Zhang

(Length of Discussion: 12 min) Tian Zhang and Charles Ryan highlight recent updates in the NCCN treatment guidelines for kidney cancer resulting from data leading to changes in treatment options. Incorporation of initial diagnosis, disease biology, risk category, and clinical factors assist with selecting the most appropriate therapy for these patients. Biographies: Tian Zhang, MD, Assistant Profe...

A Conversation on Immuno-Oncology in Bladder Cancer - Petros Grivas

(Length of Discussion: 12 min) A conversation between Petros Grivas and Alicia Morgans where they discuss the trials in the neoadjuvant, adjuvant and perioperative setting in advanced bladder cancer from ESMO 2018. They talk about the biology of the disease and considerations of available therapies, single vs combination, and for chemotherapy ineligible, as well as patients who opt out of chemothe...

Keynote-057 Trial for High-Risk Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer - Evan Yu

(Length of Discussion: 7 min) Evan Yu and Alicia Morgans provide a review of bladder cancer prevalence and epidemiology in current clinical trials. This interview also includes the Keynote-057 trial results leading to plans for a phase 3 trial for a more efficacious treatment strategy for these patients with less toxicities. Biographies: Evan Yu, MD Alicia Morgans, MD, MPH Related Content: Pembrol...

Systemic Therapy Options for Renal Cell Carcinoma - Monty Pal

Monty Pal and Charles Ryan discuss systemic therapeutic options and current clinical trials in the renal cell carcinoma space. Monty explains the clinical applications, considering appropriate patient selection and toxicity profile relevant in decision making. Biographies: Sumanta (Monty) Kumar Pal, MD Charles J. Ryan, MD Related Content: Cabozantinib Versus Sunitinib As Initial Targeted Therapy f...

A Nuclear Radiologist’s Perspective on Bone Targeted Therapies- Phillip Koo

Phillip Koo shares with Charles Ryan his perspective on bone health from the view of the nuclear radiologist discussing proper imaging techniques leading to an accurate categorization of types of fractures; pathologic, either tumor-driven or insufficiency fractures vs post-traumatic. Closing comments lead to the clinical responsibilities to incorporate from the ERA 223 data in hope to enhance pati...

Is There Still a Role for Chemotherapy in Bladder and Prostate Cancer - Maria De Santis

(Length of discussion: 21 minutes) Maria De Santis and Alicia Morgans review the role of chemotherapy in genitourinary malignancies. This discussion evolves to appropriate patient selection, sharing clinical preference in dosing chemotherapy and their view of supportive care. Biographies: Maria De Santis is a medical oncologist and Chair of Section for Interdisciplinary Genito-Urinary Cancer Medic...

Immunotherapy in Bladder Cancer - Arjun Balar

(Length of Discussion: 16 min) Arjun Balar and Alicia Morgans discuss outcomes in bladder cancer trials with a focus on primary endpoints, duration of response, and adverse events. Trials to practice with accurate clinical staging may lead to the ultimate goal of organ conservation in this patient population. Biographies: Arjun Balar, MD is the director of the genitourinary medical oncology progra...

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