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Techniques and Outcomes of Salvage Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (sRARP)

(Length of video: 6 min) Salvage Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (sRARP) has been described as a feasible treatment for the management of localised prostate cancer (PCa) recurrence after primary treatment. However, no large reports have published cancer and quality outcomes. To report perioperative, functional, and oncologic outcomes of sRARP in patients with localised PCa recurrence, R De Gr...

Characteristics of Ideal Ureteral Stents - Monaj Monga

Ureteral stents Manoj Monga, MD discusses the characteristics of an ideal ureteral stent. A ureteral stent is generally chosen to help relieve urinary tract obstruction because it is less invasive and has a lower risk of bleeding compared with placement of a percutaneous nephrostomy tube. Related Content: AUA 2019: Stent Duration and Increased Pain in the Hours After Ureteral Stent Removal