Review of SIU-ICUD Joint Consultation on Bladder Cancer - Thomas Keane

Dr. Thomas Keane reviews recent data presented at the SIU-ICUD Joint Consultation on Bladder Cancer 2017 conference focusing on a number of presentation highlights. 

The main purpose of the meeting was for each of the chapter editors to present work from their groups, specifically providing any significant updates from the 2012 edition. They included the level of evidence and grade of recommendation of their work with an emphasis on new data in their presentations. The chapter editors will be submitting their final versions  at the end of 2017 and there is a plan for publication in 2019.

Dr. Keane started by highlighting a presentation by Ashish Kamat who covered a large volume of recommendations and summarized that there have been very few Level 1 studies in this field. There have been many Level 2 and 3 studies. As such, most of the new recommendations are Grade C, with a few being Grade B or D.

The second presentation Dr. Keane highlighted was presented by Brant Inman , Molecular Biomarkers in Bladder Cancer.  To start off with, Dr. Inman makes it very clear that, while they have lots of promise, there is much work that still needs to be done.

In his final review a presentation on Pathology by Eva Compérat was brought to life noting WHO 2016 grading scheme, the Paris 2015 Cytology discussion, and the Reporting ICCR 2017 recommendations.  Dr. Keane wrapped up this presentation reviewing her points on Histology,  Concordance of Reporting, and Reporting on Margins.

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Epidemiology, Prevention, Screening, Diagnosis and Evaluation

SIU-ICUD Joint Consultation on Bladder Cancer - Molecular Markers

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