The APCCC 2021 Focuses on Key Areas of Advanced Prostate Cancer Management: Newly Diagnosed mHSPC, PSMA in Diagnostics and Therapy and Novel Targets in mCRPC - Silke Gillessen

Silke Gillessen joins Alicia Morgans highlighting the focus and format of the 2021 Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) upcoming on the 9th of October starting at 1:00PM CET. This meeting aims to address key areas of prostate cancer practice where there is no clear guidelines or level 1 evidence, The APCCC traditionally holds a biannual international consensus conference where pro...

Looking Forward to The Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) 2021 - Silke Gillessen and Aurelius Omlin

Silke Gillessen, MD, and Aurelius Omlin, MD join Neal Shore, MD, FACS highlighting the opening of registration for the upcoming Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) which will be held virtual in October of 2021. Innovations in treatments, imaging, and molecular characterization in advanced prostate cancer have improved outcomes, but there are still many aspects of management that...