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APCCC 2017: Roundtable Discussion Neal Shore, Fred Saad & Charles Ryan

(Length of Discussion: 60 min)

Neal Shore, MD, Fred Saad, MD and Charles Ryan, MD discuss the outcomes from the 2015 APCCC conference including level one evidence, trying to understand treating advanced prostate cancer patients on diagnostic markers, imaging, systemic therapies, as well as interventional surgical and radiation treatments. They discuss some of the key discussion points and lectures presented and brought to light at the 2017 APCCC conference and they summarize various points of controversy and presentations that took place at this meeting.

Neal Shore, MD, FACS
Charles Ryan, MD
Fred Saad MD, FRCS is full-time professor and Chief of Urology and Director of G-U Oncology at the University of Montreal Hospital Centers (CHUM). He holds the U of M Endowed Chair in Prostate Cancer Research and is Director of the molecular oncology research lab in Prostate Cancer. He is the past Chair of the National Cancer Institute of Canada G-U Group and the Canadian Urologic Oncology Group. Dr. Saad has been involved in most of the important clinical trials in advanced prostate cancer over the last 20 years and presently sits on 7 steering committees of international clinical trials. In 2014 he received the lifetime achievement award for research from the CHUM Research Center.

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