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Pharmaco-ethnicity and its Impact on Prostate Cancer Treatment - Darren MC Poon

Darren Poon joins Alicia Morgans to discuss his presentation on pharmaco-ethnicities specifically as it relates to drug toxicities in Asian patients, and why it is important to think about on a wider scale at the 2019 Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC). Dr. Poon addresses the importance that ethnic backgrounds have on the treatment of prostate cancer, largely arguing that these...

Prostate Cancer in Africa - An Interview with Kosj Yamoah and Ngozi Ekeke

Kosj Yamoah and Ngozi Ekeke join Charles Ryan to discuss the problem of prostate cancer in Africa. There is an increase in incidence and mortality as well as a late diagnosis of prostate cancer in Africa. The three discuss some of the obstacles that patients face such as lack of health education, pharmaco-ethnicity problems, high out-of-pocket costs, and geographic challenges. Biographies: Kosj Ya...

Treating the Primary in High vs Low Volume Hormone Sensitive Disease - Interview Noel Clarke

Using various volume and risk criteria used worldwide for the treatment related to docetaxel and abiraterone in metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer, Noel Clarke and colleagues have gathered and correlated large volumes of imaging data on treatment and outcomes from within the UK within the STAMPEDE trial. In his discussion with Charles Ryan, Noel Clarke shares details of the sub-analysis...

Imaging Modalities to Treat Node-Positive Disease - Interview with Declan Murphy

Declan Murphy sits down with Alicia Morgans during the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC 2019) to discuss men who have node positive but nonmetastatic prostate cancer and how we think about approaching treatment and integrating new imaging modalities into that entire therapeutic paradigm. Two aspects of managing node positive men in regards to surgery were talked about including...

Optimal Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Prostate Cancer Presentation - Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke presented on the optimization of the treatment of newly diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer at the 2019 Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC). Among the topics he covers in this presentation include the STAMPEDE biomedical imaging group (BIG) and STAMPEDE biomedical research group (BRG) which have incorporated 5,000 CT and bone scans with a target of more than 10,000,...

How to Treat Men with pN1 Prostate Cancer - Presentation - Alberto Bossi

Alberto Bossi presented on the recommended treatment for men with pathological node-positive prostate cancer. These patients are becoming more common as surgery is being performed on a higher proportion of high-risk patients with positive nodes. Highlighting unanswered questions regarding the treatment of these patients following surgery, Dr. Alberto Bossi mentions several studies that have assess...

Advantages of PSMA PET in APC Imaging Presentation - Stefano Fanti

At the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) 2019 meeting, Stefano Fanti presented the advantages of PSMA PET-CT in advanced prostate cancer imaging. He highlighted the role of PSMA PET-CT in staging, biochemical recurrence, and therapy planning. Biography: Stefano Fanti, MD, Professor, Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine - DIMES, Director of Nuclear Medic...

Disadvantages of PSMA PET/CT in Advanced Prostate Cancer Imaging Presentation - Ian Davis

As a follow-up to Dr. Stefano Fanti’s presentation on the advantages of PSMA PET-CT imaging, Dr. Ian Davis from Melbourne discussed some of the pitfalls and disadvantages of PSMA PET-CT in advanced prostate cancer imaging. Biography: Professor Ian Davis, MB, BS, Ph.D., FRAC,P FAChPM, is a medical oncologist, cancer immunologist, clinician-scientist, and NHMRC Practitioner Fellow. He is Professor o...

PSMA PET CT, A Mixed Blessing - Interview with Ian Davis

Professor Ian Davis joins Carmel Pezaro to discuss the pitfalls of PSMA PET CT scans at the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC 2019). Starting the discussion on the disadvantages of PSMA PET, Professor Davis refers to PSMA PET as a bit of a mixed blessing and the challenge being the amount of enthusiasm for it and trying to bring it into clinical practice in a meaningful way. Wit...

Radiation Therapy Options for Men with Clinically Node-Positive Prostate Cancer - Mack Roach

In this conversation with Charles Ryan, MD, Mack Roach III, MD discusses radiotherapy options for patients with clinically node-positive prostate cancer. In particularly with oligometastatic disease we are seeing long-term follow-up from a number of trials and have begun integrating data from these trials into clinical practice. Biographies: Mack Roach III, MD, Professor of Radiation Oncology and...
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