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Reflections on Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference 2019 - Srikala Sridhar

Srikala (Kala) Sridhar joins Alicia Morgans to discuss highlights of the advanced prostate cancer consensus conference 2019 sessions. This conference focuses on areas that are controversial and do not have clear evidence to guide the process of prostate cancer care. They cover treatment of the primary in metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC), the importance of understanding the biol...

The Statisticians Perspective on Methods of Comparing Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial Data - Matthew Sydes

Matthew Sydes joins Alicia Morgans to share his perspective on the data supporting a patient’s decision whether to use docetaxel or whether to use AR pathway inhibitors at the 2019 Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC). The two discuss the direct and indirect methods of trial comparison and examine the data from trials that reported on docetaxel as well as the abiraterone clinical...

The Evolving Role of Lutetium-PSMA in the Era of Personalized Medicine - Michael Hofman

Carmel Pezaro and Michael Hofman discuss the evolving role of lutetium-PSMA in the highly personalized treatment strategy for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer in the era of personalized medicine. Michael Hofman discusses the research on 177Lu-DOTA-PSMA-617 (177Lu-PSMA-617), a PSMA-targeted small molecule with favorable properties and is the most extensively investigated PSMA radioliga...

Recurrent Disease After Radiation Therapy, the Role of the Radiation Oncologist - Felix Feng and Piet Ost

Piet Ost and Felix Feng discuss the role of the radiation oncologist with regards to recurrent disease after radiation therapy. The two radiation oncologists debated the different approaches of treating patients who have a local recurrence compared to patients who have regional distant metastasis. Biographies: Felix Feng, MD, Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, Urology; and Medicine, Univer...

Optimal Steroid Use with Abiraterone - Gerhardt (Gert) Attard

Gerhardt Attard joins Charles Ryan to discuss the optimal steroid and dose to be given with abiraterone for the management of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). The two review the risks and benefits of either the standard dose of 5mg prednisone BID compared to a lower steroid dose of 5mg daily. Dr. Attard also shares his perspective on using dexamethasone, which has also shown to have an...

Considerations for the Treatment of Non Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer - An Interview with Maha Hussain and Tia Higano

Tia Higano and Maha Hussain share highlights of their 2019 Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) presentations with Alicia Morgans. Drs. Higano and Hussain presented opposing presentations on the pros and cons of treatment in the nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer setting. Biographies: Maha Hussain, MD, FACP, FASCO, is the Genevieve Teuton Professor of Medicine in t...

Categorizing Patients with Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer - Christopher Sweeney

Christopher Sweeney joins Charles Ryan to discuss the topic of hormone-sensitive prostate cancer, specifically concentrating on how clinicians can confront and categorize their patients with the disease. In continuing the ongoing conversation of the optimal approach for a high-volume patient, Dr. Sweeney uses evidence from current clinical trials to outline optional alternatives to abiraterone tre...

Advances in PSMA-directed Radionuclide Therapy - Howard Soule

Howard Soule discusses highlights and his takeaways from the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) 2019. Dr. Soule highlights the importance of coming to these conferences to understand where the gaps are in the treatment landscape and the benefit of these global conferences for clinicians from resource-limited countries. They continue on to discuss imaging, PSMA, and the VISION tr...

Understanding Differences in Outcomes of Men with Prostate Cancer Based on Race and Ethnicity - Christopher Logothetis

Christopher Logothetis and Charles Ryan review key takeaways from Christopher Logothetis's Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC 2019) presentation on Ethnicity and Prognosis of Prostate Cancer and the importance in understanding the differences in outcomes of individuals with the disease based on race and ethnicity. In his work Dr. Logothetis prepared for APCCC 2019, he presses the...

Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer in the Middle East - Deborah Mukherji

Deborah Mukherji sits down with Carmel Pezaro at the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC 2019) to share her perspective on how prostate cancer care in the Middle East, specifically Lebanon, compares to the rest of the globe. They discuss the impact and the potential of genomic testing and the use of novel imaging, such as PSMA PET/CT relevant to work in the Middle East and in Leba...
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