Prostate Cancer in the Middle East- Raja B Khauli

(Length of Presentation: 6 min)

Raja Khauli, MD presents the incidence rates of advanced prostate cancer in the Middle East highlighting they are much higher than the rates that were presented at the conference for Japan or Asia.  He explains it falls between Europe and Asia in terms of prostate cancer incidence rates with it being the highest in Lebanon.  He addresses several causes for the rise of prostate cancer including the change in the diet and he shares first data from a Middle-Eastern Cohort Study of Prostate Cancer Stage at Diagnosis which highlights the importance of multi-disciplinary management and health-care system planning for the rising burden of prostate cancer affecting the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) population. 

Raja Khauli, MD, FACS, Professor of Urology, American University of Beirut, Adjunct Professor  of Urology, University of Massachusetts

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