The Past, Present, and Future Approaches to Prostate Biopsies - Baris Turkbey

Dr. Baris Turkbey, Associate Research Physician of the Molecular Imaging Program at the National Cancer Institute, shares the past, present, and future approaches to prostate biopsies. Dr. Turkbey states that TRUS (Transrectal Ultrasound aka Systemic) biopsies have been the “standard of care” after PSA elevation for the past 25 years. However, prostate imaging is not always preceding biopsy. MRI plus fusion-guided biopsy or systemic biopsy are valuable tools in the diagnoses and treatment of the disease and should be more widely used by clinicians. However, diagnoses can often be challenging since interpreting test results can be subjective. Dr. Turkbey believes that continuing research, clinical papers, standardizing imaging and imaging guidelines, and education will result in more accurate diagnoses, providing enhanced patient survival benefits.


Baris Turkbey, M.D., Associate Research Physician of the Molecular Imaging Program, National Cancer Institute (NIH), Center of Cancer Research.  Dr. Turkbey is the lead radiologist at NIH for mp MRI imaging of prostate cancer.  We caught up with Dr. Turkbey at RSNA 2017 where he shares with UroToday past, present and future approaches to prostate biopsies and provides some very surprising insights.  

John Fortin is a retired Fellow in the Society of Actuaries and a patient advocate.
Henry Oat is a  patient coordinator at Desert Medical Imaging and a patient advocate.

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