Epidemiology and Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer in India- Vedang Murthy

April 6, 2017

(Length of Presentation: 9 min)

Vedang Murthy, MD presents the epidemiology and management of advanced prostate cancer specifically in India and begins by highlighting the difficulties in generalizing almost anything including prostate cancer in India due to the great diversity of the country.   He overviews the incidence rate of prostate cancer along with the population demographics to articulate the size of the problem of the disease in India.  He provides a timeline of the disease in India, as well as highlights potential factors affecting the incidence rates including differences in diet, living habits, and an awareness of the disease.  Vedang spends some time discussing practice patterns in India which include the use of docetaxel and “older drugs” still being used, access to radiotherapy and an indigenous technology machine called Bhabhatron which is making a big difference in availability of treatment across India.

Vedang Murthy, MD, DNB, DipEPP Professor, Radiation Oncology Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai, India

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