Ian Tannock on the Global view of Advanced Prostate Cancer

March 14, 2017

Ian Tannock, presented, "Best use of "old and cheap" drugs", at the 2017 Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference in St. Gallen, Switzerland.  Dr. Tannock and Charles Ryan, MD, discuss the greatest challenges faced globally in terms of prostate cancer and the lack of resources.  Also, Dr. Tannock shares his views on what clinicians can do to improve the cost of drugs and the importance of education.

Ian Tannock is Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Medical Biophysics at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto. He obtained his PhD in London, England and his MD at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. His clinical research investigates methods related to cancer clinical trials, and he chaired trials for men with metastatic prostate cancer that led to licensing of previous (mitoxantrone) and current (docetaxel) standard chemotherapy.

Charles Ryan, MD

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