Advanced Prostate Cancer VL

Latin American Oncology Group (LACOG), a Cooperative Group Consensus - Fernando Maluf

Charles Ryan is joined by Fernando Maluf, leader of genitourinary oncology in Brazil, who shares details on the upcoming Latin American Oncology Group (LACOG), a cooperative group consensus meeting. This cooperative group, developed a consensus to strive for answers on screening for late stage of prostate cancer, from the experts from all over the world particularly for developing countries in Afr...

Credentialing Imaging as an Outcome Measure in Prostate Cancer - Lawrence H. Schwartz and Michael J. Morris

Michael Morris, MD, and Larry (Lawrence) Schwartz joins Charles Ryan, MD in a conversation about credentialing imaging as an outcome measure in prostate cancer and its impact in clinical trials. They focus on the following questions: How do we credential images? How do we perform them? And how do we interpret them? Their conversation also focuses on determining progression-free survival (PFS) from...

Ben Maughan Highlights Key Practice Changing Prostate Cancer Data

Benjamin Maughan shares his perspectives on clinical practice-changing data for prostate cancer in this conversation with Petros Grivas. The conversation includes discussions of the data from the ARCHES and TITAN trials for treatment on nonmetastatic prostate cancer and how the combination hormone therapies may impact treatment decisions. New data was also discussed from ENZAMET where the addition...

Looking Forward to the APCCC 2019 - Brenda Martone

Alicia Morgans and Brenda Martone discuss the upcoming Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC 2019). This global conference focuses on the grey areas where Level 1 Evidence is not available to guide treatment decisions in the clinic. Experts from around the globe will gather in Basel Switzerland from August 28 - August 31 to discuss areas of controversy in the treatment of prostate c...

Darolutamide Treated Patients Maintained Quality of Life in ARAMIS Trial - Fred Saad

Fred Saad joins Alicia Morgans to discuss the quality of life data from the ARAMIS trial. The data suggest that adding darolutamide (systemic therapy) to ADT compared to ADT alone improves quality fo life in the patients, and these include bowel and urinary symptom benefit along with the skeletal outcomes and quality-of-life measures. The ARAMIS study suggests that androgen receptor antagonist dar...

Preview of the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference 2019 (APCCC) - Silke Gillessen and Aurelius Omlin

Silke Gillessen, MD and Aurelius Omlin, MD discuss the inception of the biennial Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) which will be held in Basel this August. The intent of the meeting is to drive international consensus on key areas of prostate cancer practice where there are no clear guidelines or level 1 evidence. 75% of the panelists must agree on each topic to reach a consens...

Prevalence of Germline Variants in Prostate Cancer and Implications for Current Genetic Testing Guidelines - Oliver Sartor

Oliver Sartor, MD discusses his contributions to the recent publication in JAMA Oncology on the prevalence of germline variants in prostate cancer and the implications for genetic testing guidelines. 3600 patients had various forms of germiline genetic testing performed and were available for this analysis. In the dataset, 17% of patients had germline variants and 30% of those were BRCA1/BRCA2. In...

Biomarkers Across the Spectrum of Prostate Cancer- Anis Hamid and Chris Sweeney

Anis Hamid and Chris Sweeney discuss their recent work studying biomarkers across the full spectrum of prostate cancer. Based on preclinical studies we understand that aggressive disease lies in the tumor genome and we see recurrent losses of certain genes in both early and advanced prostate cancer. The classic tumor suppressors that are commonly mutated across cancers, including prostate cancer,...

Integrating Genomics into Localized Prostate Cancer - Todd Morgan and Dan Spratt

Dan Spratt and Todd Morgan discuss the role of genomics in localized prostate cancer from the perspective of the radiation oncologist and the urologist. Based on the MUSIC registry, which represents over 90% of the urology practices across Michigan, they reveal that most of the prostate cancer patients are not receiving genomic profiling. Drs. Spratt and Morgan review each of the genomic tests inc...

Practice Patterns of Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer - Matt Cooperberg

Alicia Morgans and Matt Cooperberg discuss the current state of contemporary active surveillance and efforts to standardize strategies nationwide. This conversation also includes discussion on informed decision making and practice patterns of active surveillance and how to tailor based on biology and genetics Biographies: Matthew Cooperberg, MD, MPH, FACS, Associate Professor, Department of Urolog...

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