Advanced Prostate Cancer VL

The Changing Landscape for Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer- Maria de Santis

Maria de Santis and Chuck Ryan share a conversation on the rapidly changing landscape for the treatment of locally advanced prostate cancer. A focus of the discussion centers around the STAMPEDE data demonstrating benefit with the early use of abiraterone and the use of radiation. They also discuss the role of docetaxel in this evolving environment based on data from both STAMPEDE and CHAARTED dat...

Sinai Researchers Find First Mechanistic Link between World Trade Center Dust & Prostate Cancer - William Oh

William Oh highlights the first study of people who were exposed to the World Trade Center dust and who subsequently developed prostate cancer. World Trade Center responders with prostate cancer showed signs that inflammation was activated in the prostate after exposure to dust from the World Trade Center site, possibly causing chronic inflammation that contributed to their cancer, according to a...

APCCC 2019 Global vs. Expert Consensus in the Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer Study - Charles Ryan

Charles Ryan and Alicia Morgans encourage participation in a 6 minute (survey) study available on, titled the Global vs. Expert Consensus in the Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer Study , a questionnaire intended to determine the global consensus among all physicians treating patients with advanced prostate cancer. The aim is to further understand global patterns of care in advanc...

Baseline PSA Level in Midlife and Aggressive Prostate Cancer in African American Men - Mark Preston

Alicia Morgans and Mark Preston share a discussion on his recent paper Baseline Prostate-specific Antigen Level in Midlife and Aggressive Prostate Cancer in Black Men published in European Urology which set to determine whether baseline PSA level during midlife predicts the risk of aggressive prostate cancer in African American men. They also discuss whether the baseline PSAs could correlate with...

Optimizing Care in Localized Prostate Cancer - Mary-Ellen Taplin and Adam Kibel

Adam Kibel and Mary-Ellen Taplin join Alicia Morgans in a conversation about optimizing the care of men with localized prostate cancer, both systemic therapy, and surgical techniques and a combination of the two. They discuss the treatment landscape and their insights into what the field could consider for patients with localized disease. Biographies: Adam Kibel, MD, Chief, Division of Urology Ell...

Latin American Oncology Group (LACOG), a Cooperative Group Consensus - Fernando Maluf

Charles Ryan is joined by Fernando Maluf, leader of genitourinary oncology in Brazil, who shares details on the upcoming Latin American Oncology Group (LACOG), a cooperative group consensus meeting. This cooperative group, developed a consensus to strive for answers on screening for late stage of prostate cancer, from the experts from all over the world particularly for developing countries in Afr...

Credentialing Imaging as an Outcome Measure in Prostate Cancer - Lawrence H. Schwartz and Michael J. Morris

Michael Morris, MD, and Larry (Lawrence) Schwartz joins Charles Ryan, MD in a conversation about credentialing imaging as an outcome measure in prostate cancer and its impact in clinical trials. They focus on the following questions: How do we credential images? How do we perform them? And how do we interpret them? Their conversation also focuses on determining progression-free survival (PFS) from...

Radiation Therapy Options for Prostate Cancer - Paul Nguyen

Paul Nguyen and Alicia Morgans discuss a number of hot topics in radiation oncology for prostate cancer, highlighting topics of radiating the primary in low-volume metastatic hormone-sensitive disease and the benefit in terms of disease control and prostate cancer-specific outcomes. Paul overviews the METACURE trial (NCT03436654) looking at either a high-risk or the oligometastatic population, and...

Ben Maughan Highlights Key Practice Changing Prostate Cancer Data

Benjamin Maughan shares his perspectives on clinical practice-changing data for prostate cancer in this conversation with Petros Grivas. The conversation includes discussions of the data from the ARCHES and TITAN trials for treatment on nonmetastatic prostate cancer and how the combination hormone therapies may impact treatment decisions. New data was also discussed from ENZAMET where the addition...

Looking Forward to the APCCC 2019 - Brenda Martone

Alicia Morgans and Brenda Martone discuss the upcoming Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC 2019). This global conference focuses on the grey areas where Level 1 Evidence is not available to guide treatment decisions in the clinic. Experts from around the globe will gather in Basel Switzerland from August 28 - August 31 to discuss areas of controversy in the treatment of prostate c...

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