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If you are suffering with urinary symptoms, a leaky bladder, urgency or you treat patients who do, then this application is for you. We developed this to help men and women track their bladder symptoms and then share the diary results with your clinician.

Many clinicians use a bladder diary because it tells them when you go, how strong the urge is, what you were doing when you went, what you had to drink and how much, if you had leakage, and when you took any medication.

Use the diary for at least three days, although they do not need to be consecutive. This information will guide your discussion with your clinician. They will be able to recommend a voiding schedule for you and determine if other interventions are appropriate and if they are working once implemented.

The iPhone is always handy and only a few touches are needed to make a new entry. Never again fumble for pen and paper to record in your bladder diary.

What’s new in Version 3.0

Version 3.0 has been completely re-written to conform to Apple’s iOS7 system. It has a much simpler and unadorned look-and-feel consistent with iOS7 standards. In addition several new features have been added. A new Profile tab allows the user to customize the app by:

  • Selecting English or Metric units
  • Selecting a baseline period for comparing pre- and post-therapy results
  • Recording treatment methods
  • Accessing the Calendar app for entering or retrieving treatment appointments

The Report tab has been enhanced to allow the user to tailor the reporting period or review previous reports. As in Version 2.2, any report can be either emailed or printed with an AirPrint device and reports are still available in both PDF and CSV (Excel) formats.

The Analysis tab now includes baseline comparisons for frequency, leakage, and urgency.

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