[Applying Team Resource Management to Reduce the Urinary Catheter Usage Rate in Our Intensive Care Unit].

According to the literature, 74%-84% of patients in adult critical care units have an indwelling catheter. The majority of medical and healthcare infections are urinary tract infections, which are related to urinary catheter usage. Furthermore, critical infections may cause bacteremia, which increases the risk of mortality. Prior to this project, over three-quarters (78.7%) of patients in our unit used a urinary catheter, which is a rate that is higher than all other intensive care units of our hospital's internal medicine department. Due to Foley placement, removal and care of catheters requires collaboration of teamwork. Thus, the concept of team resource management may be applied to improve the situation.

The aim of this study was to reduce the urinary catheter usage rate in our intensive care unit to less than 69.3%.

This project summarized the reasons for the high catheter usage rate in this unit on 2017/1/3 and implemented several approaches to improve the situation from 2017/2/1 to 2017/6/30. These approaches included affixing reminder labels to indwelling catheters, using an ultrasound bladder scanner as a substitute for intermittent catheterization, evaluating indwelling catheters, establishing flow planning for post-catheter removal, holding cross-team meetings, and adopting a reward system. During the improvement period, we held collaborative conference meetings weekly to discuss solutions, evaluate end-of-the-month progress, and set reward policies.

We lowered the average urinary catheter usage rate from 78.7% on 2017/3/1 to 57.8% on 2017/6/30, achieving a 26.5% reduction in catheter usage.

This project both effectively reduced the unnecessary use of urinary catheters and significantly strengthened team spirit in our unit, thus improving the quality of medical care provided.


文獻指出加護病房住院病人中74%–84%曾使用過導尿管,醫療健康照護感染以泌尿道感染居多,且與導尿管使用密切相關,嚴重可能導致菌血症,使死亡率提高。本單位年平均導尿管使用率78.7%,高於院內其他內科系加護病房,考量導尿管置放、移除與照護,需仰賴跨團隊合作完成,故需運用團隊資源管理(team resource management)概念進行專案改善。.





Hu li za zhi The journal of nursing. 2020 Aug [Epub]

Hsiao-Ju Chang, Yu-Chia Wang, Yu-Ju Cheng, Shinn-Jye Liang, Chia-Lin Lee

MSN, RN, Department of Nursing, China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan, ROC., BSN, RN, Department of Nursing, China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan, ROC., MMS, MD, Director, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Department of Internal Medicine, China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan, ROC., MSN, RN, Supervisor, Department of Nursing, China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan, ROC. .