Pelvic Radiotherapy Articles


  • Bone Health and Pelvic Radiotherapy.

    Survivors who have received pelvic radiotherapy make up many of the long-term cancer population, with therapies for gynaecological, bowel, bladder and prostate malignancies.

    Published August 19, 2015
  • Late toxicity and quality of life with prostate only or whole pelvic radiation therapy in high risk prostate cancer (POP-RT): A randomised trial.

    To report toxicity and quality of life (QOL) outcomes from a randomised trial of prostate only versus whole pelvic radiotherapy in high risk, node negative prostate cancer.

    Patients with localised prostate adenocarcinoma and nodal involvement risk > 20%, were randomised to prostate only (PORT, 68 Gy/25# to prostate) and whole pelvis (WPRT, 68 Gy/25# to prostate and 50 Gy/25# to pelvis) arms with stratification for TURP, Gleason score, baseline PSA, and type of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT).

    Published January 12, 2020
  • Sexual Difficulties after Pelvic Radiotherapy: Improving Clinical Management.

    Modern multimodality cancer treatment has led to more than 2 million people living with and beyond cancer in the UK, an impressive survival statistic on which clinicians and services continue to build. However, what is less readily acknowledged by health professionals and patients alike are the 500 000 people whose daily lives are adversely affected by the longer term consequences of cancer treatment.

    Published July 15, 2015
  • The Horse is at the Stable Door: Management of N1M0 Prostate Cancer.

    Pelvic lymph node involvement in prostate cancer is a significant poor prognostic factor with very little evidence on the optimal management options for these patients. It is estimated that lymph node-positive patients make up 12% of newly diagnosed prostate cancer and this figure is expected to rise with the advancement and increasing use of novel imaging.

    Published January 8, 2020