GRP Articles


  • A human GRPr-transfected Ace-1 canine prostate cancer model in mice.

    A versatile drug screening system was developed to simplify early targeted drug discovery in mice and then translate readily from mice to a dog prostate cancer model that more fully replicates the features of human prostate cancer.

    Published March 10, 2016
  • Novel Imaging of Prostate Cancer with MRI, MRI/US, and PET.

    Imaging of prostate cancer presents many challenges to the imaging community. There has been much progress in this space in large part due to MRI and PET radiopharmaceuticals. Though MRI has been focused on the evaluation of local disease and PET on the detection of metastatic disease, these two areas do converge and will be complementary especially with the growth of new PET/MRI technologies.

    Published October 22, 2015