Gout Articles


  • Incident gout and erectile dysfunction: is hyperuricaemia the elephant in the room?

    The first prospective population-based study to examine risk of erectile dysfunction in men with gout in the western world has been published. It reports that following their first diagnosis of gout, men have a 31% higher risk of erectile dysfunction than matched controls, although the absolute increase in risk is small.

    Published August 13, 2017
  • Nephrolithiasis among male patients with newly diagnosed gout.

    An elevated serum urate level is recognised as a cause of gouty arthritis and uric acid stone. The level of serum uric acid that accelerates kidney stone formation, however, has not yet been clarified.

    Published September 14, 2016
  • Risk of Hypertension among First-Time Symptomatic Kidney Stone Formers.

    Prior work has suggested a higher risk of hypertension in kidney stone formers but lacked disease validation and adjustment for potential confounders. Certain types of stone formers may also be at higher risk of hypertension.

    Published February 6, 2017
  • Uric acid nephrolithiasis: An update.

    Uric acid nephrolithiasis appears to increase in prevalence. While a relationship between uric acid stones and low urinary pH has been for long known, additional association with various metabolic conditions and pathophysiological basis has recently been elucidated.

    Published May 26, 2018
  • Uric acid: a modulator of prostate cells and activin sensitivity.

    Elevated serum uric acid (SUA) or urate is associated with inflammation and gout. Recent evidence has linked urate to cancers, but little is known about urate effects in prostate cancer. Activins are inflammatory cytokines and negative growth regulators in the prostate.

    Published March 9, 2016