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  • Axumin™ [Fluciclovine F18]: An Accurate Imaging Approach for Patients with Biochemically Recurrent Prostate Cancer

    Published in Everyday Urology - Oncology Insights: Volume 1, Issue 2
    Prostate cancer [PCa] affects 1 man in 7 in the United States, making this the most commonly diagnosed non-cutaneous cancer in males.  Although an ever-increasing number of treatment options exist, an estimated 26,100 men will still die of the disease in the US in 2016, generally after primary local and systemic treatments for prostate cancer have failed.
    Published November 17, 2016
  • Bladder Cancer BioMarkers: Optimal Utilization for Diagnosis and Recurrence: EVERYDAY UROLOGY- Full text article

    Published in Everyday Urology - Oncology Insights: Volume 1, Issue 3
    Voided urine cytology has been the gold standard for detecting bladder cancer since 1945. Its specificity nears 90%, meaning that a positive result is highly reliable. But cytology is unreliable for detection of low grade tumors such that only about 20% to 30% of low grade bladder tumors are identified using cytology. 
    Published January 6, 2017
  • Emerging Therapies for BCG-Unresponsive Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer- EVERYDAY UROLOGY: Full Text article

    Everyday Urology-Oncology Insights: Volume 1, Issue 3

    About 70,000 new bladder cancer cases are diagnosed annually in the United States, and about 15,000 patients die as a result.[1) Approximately 60% to 70% of cases are non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMBIC). Because the incidence of NMIBC substantially exceeds its mortality rate, the best indicator of its impact is its prevalence of about 700,000 cases nationwide. 
    Published January 6, 2017
  • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, Radical Cystectomy and Urinary Diversion

    Published in Everyday Urology - Oncology Insights: Volume 2, Issue 1
    Bladder cancer presents an ever increasing health care burden across the globe. The large majority of patients diagnosed with bladder cancer are over the age of 55, with an average age at the time of diagnosis of 73 and an increasing percentage 80 years and older.1 Men are about three to four times more likely to get bladder cancer during their lifetime than women.1
    Published June 9, 2017
  • EVERYDAY UROLOGY: Bone Metastases and Mortality in Prostate Cancer, Can We Be Doing More?- Full text article

    Published in Everyday Urology - Oncology Insights: Volume 3, Issue 3
    Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy among US men, with an estimated annual incidence of 180,890, accounting for one in five new cancer cases in men.1 The second-most common cause of cancer death in US men, prostate cancer is expected to claim the lives of 26,120 men in this country in 2016.1
    Published November 16, 2016
  • EVERYDAY UROLOGY: The Story of the COU-AA-302 Clinical Trial: Highlights From the Journey- Full text article

    Charles J Ryan MD is a leader in medical oncology and was the primary investigator for the COU-AA-302 clinical trial, which led to FDA approval of abiraterone acetate plus prednisone as the first oral therapy for treatment in chemotherapy-naïve metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Dr. Ryan is Professor of Clinical Medicine and Urology and Thomas Perkins Distinguished Professor in Cancer Research, and Program Leader, Genitourinary Medical Oncology at the University of California-San Francisco Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center in San Francisco, CA. In the following article, he reflects on the highlights of the COU-AA-302 journey, including the pioneering results and methodology of the study, as well as the voice of the study results including the secondary endpoints on patient outcomes such as pain, time to opiate use, and functional status.
    Published November 17, 2016
  • First of its Kind: A Core Curriculum for Urologic Nursing

    Published in Everyday Urology - Oncology Insights: Volume 1, Issue 4
    Everyday Urology-Oncology Insights: Volume 1, Issue 4

    The Core Curriculum is a first-of-its-kind textbook that can be used by nurses to study for specialty certification as a urology registered nurse, and is a source of material to support urology nursing instruction in academic programs. It has applicability to nurses in acute care, long term care, home care and rehab settings as all encounter patients with urologic problems.
    Published February 13, 2017
  • mCRPC Treatment: The Right Treatment for the Right Patient at the Right Time: EVERYDAY UROLOGY- Full Text Article

    Everyday Urology-Oncology Insights: Volume 1, Issue 4

    Metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) presents with a wide spectrum of symptoms with varying effects on patient quality of life. It is estimated that more than 90% of patients with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) develop bone metastases that result in a significant increase in the risk of morbidity.1
    Published February 13, 2017
  • Systemic Immunotherapy Bladder Cancer.. Get Ready! EVERYDAY UROLOGY- Full text article

    Everyday Urology-Oncology Insights: Volume 1, Issue 3

    Daniel George, MD, is professor of medicine and surgery and director of Genitourinary Oncology at the Duke Cancer Institute. In the following article, he provides his perspective on new developments in the use of systemic immunotherapy.
    Published January 6, 2017
  • The Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinic: EVERYDAY UROLOGY- Full Text Article

    Everyday Urology-Oncology Insights: Volume 1, Issue 4

    For cancer patients, it is often an overwhelming process to undergo diagnosis and treatment with different healthcare providers, who practice in different clinics, and even in different cities.
    Published February 14, 2017