Dendrimer Articles


  • Dendrimer Nanovectors for SiRNA Delivery.

    Small interfering RNA (SiRNA) delivery remains a major challenge in RNAi-based therapy. Dendrimers are emerging as appealing nonviral vectors for SiRNA delivery thanks to their well-defined architecture and their unique cooperativity and multivalency confined within a nanostructure.

    Published October 21, 2015
  • Drug delivery system based on dendritic nanoparticles for enhancement of intravesical instillation.

    Intravesical instillation of antitumor agents following transurethral resection of bladder tumors is the standard strategy for the treatment of superficial bladder cancers. However, the efficacy of current intravesical instillation is limited partly due to the poor permeability of the urothelium.

    Published November 1, 2017