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  • Male Urogenıtal Dısorders And Metabolıc Syndrome: Possıble Lınks, Characterıstıcs And Potentıal Treatment Strategıes.

    Metabolic syndrome (MetS), as a cluster of metabolic derangements which is major risk factors for vascular disease, is one of the most important threats to public health. Although the epidemiological and limited amount of basic science and clinical evidence link MetS to several male urogenital disorders, a holistic approach aiming to define common mechanistic pathways and new possible therapeutic targets are lacking.

    Published January 7, 2018
  • Role of Penile Prosthesis in Priapism: A Review.

    Ischemic priapism is a urological emergency that has been associated with long-standing and irreversible adverse effects on erectile function. Studies have demonstrated a linear relationship between the duration of critically ischemic episodes and the subsequent development of corporal fibrosis and irreversible erectile function loss.

    Published January 7, 2018
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