What is new in 2011 regarding testicular cancer - Abstract

Klinik für Urologie und Kinderurologie, Alexianer Krankenhaus Maria-Hilf GmbH Krefeld, Dießemer Bruch 81, 47805, Krefeld, Deutschland.


The management of testicular cancer has already been standardized to the greatest extent by consistent performance of clinical trials. While the current aim is to reduce the therapy for early stage disease without jeopardizing the high cure rates, for patients in advanced stages the goal is to achieve further improvement of survival rates. This overview presents new aspects of organ-preserving primary tumor resection, prognostic factors in seminoma, secondary malignancies, high-dose therapy, residual tumor resection, aftercare, and PET/CT.

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Reference: Urologe A. 2011 Sep;50 Suppl 1:187-91.
doi: 10.1007/s00120-011-2671-y

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PMID: 21837493

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