Recent global trends in testicular cancer incidence and mortality

Testicular cancer (TCa) has a relatively rare incidence and mortality, but has not been thoroughly evaluated. We analyzed global variations and recent trends in TCa incidence and mortality.Age-standardized rates (ASRs) of TCa incidence and mortality were retrieved from the GLOBOCAN 2012 database. Temporal patterns were assessed using data obtained from the Cancer Incidence in Five Continents (volumes I-X) and World Health Organization Mortality databases. The incidence and mortality trends over the last 10 years were analyzed using join point analysis.Western and Northern Europe had the highest incidence of TCa (ASR = 8.7 and 7.2, respectively), with most countries showing an increase in incidence rates except for China, which had a stable incidence. Incidence rates were markedly increased in Southern European countries (average annual percent change of 6.8% in Croatia and 6.1% in Spain) but were attenuated in western Europe. The highest mortality rates were observed in western Asia (ASR = 0.7), with most countries showing a decrease in mortality.While the incidence of TCa has increased, mortality from TCa has decreased in most countries. More socioeconomically developed countries had a higher incidence of TCa with lower mortality.

Medicine. 2018 Sep [Epub]

Jee Soo Park, Jongchan Kim, Ahmed Elghiaty, Won Sik Ham

Department of Urology and Urological Science Institute, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Republic of Korea., Department of Urology, Tanta University College of Medicine, Tanta, Egypt.