Successful pregnancy outcome using sperm from severely diseased men with testicular cancer and collagen disease: Three case reports

Objective:  To confirm the feasibility of using fresh or frozen/thawed spermatozoa from cancer and collagen diseased patients for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Patients:  Two participants were diagnosed with testicular carcinoma and one patient was diagnosed with collagen disease. Methods:  Of the two carcinoma patients, one patient provided a fresh testicular biopsy sample and one patient ejaculated fresh sperm after surgical operation. One collagen diseased patient's sperm was frozen, and three samples were used in subsequent ICSI treatment cycles. Their female partners underwent controlled ovarian hyperstimulation for the retrieval of oocytes. Results:  Two patients with testicular cancer and their respective partners achieved successful pregnancies from ICSI using fresh sperm after surgery. The patient suffering from collagen disease had a successful pregnancy from ICSI using sperm frozen prior to chemotherapy treatment. Conclusions:  Patients with testicular carcinoma or collagen disease who might desire to father children in the future should be offered sperm preservation prior to the initiation of chemotherapy treatment. Under currently available treatment, patients with cases of severe disease can still become biological fathers. (Reprod Med Biol 2004; 3: 69-75).

Reproductive medicine and biology. 2004 May 20*** epublish ***

Sachiko Sasaki, Keiko Sasaki, Sayaka Takahashi, Toshie Sasaki, Koichi Kyono, Yasuhisa Araki

Kyono Reproduction Research Center and Ladies Clinic Kyono, 3-8-6 Omiya, Furukawa, Miyagi, Japan and., The Institute for Advanced Reproductive Medical Technology (ARMT), 909-21 Ishii, Fujimi, Setagun, Gunma, Japan.