Imaging of Renal Medullary Carcinoma

Renal medullary carcinoma (RMC) is a rare, highly aggressive tumor recognized as an independent pathological entity. African-descent adolescents and young adults with sickle cell hemoglobinopathy are the most affected groups. This rare subtype of renal cell carcinoma has its own morphogenetic and pathological characteristics. The major clinical manifestations include gross hematuria, abdominal or flank pain, and weight loss. The prognosis is very poor, with 95% of cases diagnosed at an advanced stage of the disease. In this review, we summarize the morphologic and dynamic characteristics of RMC under various imaging modalities such as ultrasound, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance. Differential diagnosis and management strategies are also discussed.

Journal of kidney cancer and VHL. 2017 Mar 21*** epublish ***

Federico Greco, Eliodoro Faiella, Domiziana Santucci, Carlo Augusto Mallio, Marco Nezzo, Carlo Cosimo Quattrocchi, Bruno Beomonte Zobel, Rosario Francesco Grasso

Unit of Diagnostic Imaging, Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, Rome, Italy.