Association with disease-free and cancer-specific survival in lymphovascular invasion in clear cell renal cell carcinoma, "Beyond the Abstract," by Michael Belsante, MD

BERKELEY, CA ( - In our paper, we found an association between lymphovascular invasion (LVI) and disease-free and cancer-specific survival on univariate -- but not multivariate -- analysis in a cohort of 419 patients with non-metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC).

In 333 patients with organ confined (pT1-2), non-metastatic ccRCC, LVI was a significant predictor of disease-free (HR 4.0, p=0.026) and cancer-specific survival (HR 12.7, p=0.01) on multivariate analysis, controlling for tumor size/stage, and Fuhrman grade. Patients who had organ-confined, non-metastatic ccRCC with positive LVI had similar disease-free (p=0.957) and cancer-specific survival (p=0.799) to patients with locally advanced tumors (pT3-pT4, N any, M0).

These findings indicate that presence of LVI in those patients with otherwise low-risk, organ-confined disease confers oncologic outcomes similar to those with traditional high-risk pathologic features. If confirmed, future revisions to the tumor-node-metastasis staging system may incorporate LVI into the prognostic algorithm of patients with RCC.

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Department of Urology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Lymphovascular invasion in clear cell renal cell carcinoma - Association with disease-free and cancer-specific survival - Abstract

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