Papillary Renal Neoplasm With Reverse Polarity: A Clinicopathologic Study of 7 Cases.

Papillary renal neoplasm with reverse polarity is a form of recently described tumor. These tumors are defined by GATA3 positivity, negative vimentin staining, and the presence of both papillary structures and a layer of eosinophilic cells with apical nuclei and a granular cytoplasm. In the present report, we review 7 cases of papillary renal neoplasm with reverse polarity that were GATA3+ and vimentin-, consistent with past reports. In all 7 of these cases, we found that these tumors were additionally positive for 34βE12. All 7 of these tumors were categorized as stage pT1. On histological examination, these tumors exhibited branching papillae with apical nuclei. All 7 of these patients were alive on most recent follow-up, with 6 being disease free and one having developed prostate cancer. Together, this overview of 7 additional cases of papillary renal neoplasm with reverse polarity offers further insight into this rare and poorly understood disease.

International journal of surgical pathology. 2020 May 13 [Epub ahead of print]

Luting Zhou, Jiankun Xu, Suying Wang, Xiaoqun Yang, Chuanying Li, Jun Zhou, Peipei Zhang, Haimin Xu, Chaofu Wang

Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China., Ningbo Diagnostic Pathology Center, Zhejiang Province, Ningbo, China.