CircPCNXL2 sponges miR-153 to promote the proliferation and invasion of renal cancer cells through upregulating ZEB2.

Increasing evidence showed that circular RNAs (circRNAs) play critical roles in tumorigenesis. However, the roles and underlying mechanisms of circRNAs in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) remain unclear. In the present study, we identified a novel circRNA circPCNXL2, which was significantly upregulated in ccRCC by circular RNA microarray. Further analysis revealed that circPCNXL2 was significantly increased and correlated with poor overall survival of ccRCC patients. Function assays revealed that circPCNXL2 knockdown reduced RCC cells proliferation, invasion in vitro, and decreased tumor growth in vivo. In mechanism study, we showed that circPCNXL2 could be bind to miR-153 as a miRNA sponge to regulate ZEB2 expression in RCC progression. In addition, our data reported that the effects of circPCNXL2 inhibition on RCC cells proliferation and invasion could be abolished by miR-153 inhibitors. Altogether, we demonstrated that circPCNXL2 could regulate RCC cells proliferation and invasion by miR-153/ZEB2 axis, suggesting circPCNXL2 might serve as a potential therapeutic target for ccRCC treatment.

Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.). 2018 Nov 29 [Epub ahead of print]

Zhijun Li, Bisheng Zhou, Pengyi Zhen, Huibing Li, Xiaohui Wang, Zhenguo Shi, Qingjiang Han

a Department of Urology Surgery , The First Affiliated Hospital, and College of Clinical Medicine of Henan University of Science and Technology , Luoyang 471003 , Henan , China.