Long-term Response to First-line Pazopanib Therapy in mRCC Patients: A Multicenter Italian Experience

The specific characteristics of patients who are most likely to benefit from pazopanib therapy are still uncertain. We report on the results of an Italian multicenter, retrospective analysis investigating the factors associated with longer response to first-line pazopanib in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma.

Adult patients were considered if they had received treatment with pazopanib (800 mg/day) for >12 months in the first-line setting.

In total, 112 patients were evaluated. Median duration of pazopanib treatment was 22.6 months (IQR 17.8 months). Median PFS was 22.6 months (95%CI= 20.2-25.0). Eighty-three patients (74.1%) had a PFS ≥18 months. Median OS was 32.9 months (95%CI=30.2-35.6). At statistical analysis, only PS score (1+ vs. 0) was significantly associated with PFS (HR=1.76; 95%CI=1.02-3.05; p=0.04).

Pazopanib therapy may be suitable for all patients with mRCC, and especially in those with PS 0.

Anticancer research. 2018 Aug [Epub]

Andrea Sbrana, Elisa Biasco, Federico Paolieri, Erica Palesandro, Claudia Caserta, Roberto Iacovelli, Beatrice Detti, Daniele Santini, Alessandra Mosca, Franco Morelli, Giuseppe Fornarini, Ugo DE Giorgi, Cristina Masini, Luca Galli

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