Partial Nephrectomy in Central Renal Tumors

Nephron-sparing surgery, especially through a minimally invasive approach, is increasingly being performed for incidentally detected renal masses with excellent outcomes. Tumors in central location remain a surgical challenge during nephron-sparing surgery. In this chapter, we discuss the minimally invasive management of these tumors, which include complex hilar tumors and endophytic central tumors, with a focus on surgical technique. The key to management of these tumors is to maintain good preoperative hydration, achieving adequate exposure of tumor, and the use of intraoperative ultrasound to plan the resection plane. Individual vessels may be ligated as they enter close to the tumor. Careful renorrhaphy is essential, especially in hilar tumors, which have major blood vessels at the base of the tumor. Selective use of near infrared fluorescence imaging, on-demand ischemia, early unclamping, enucleoresection techniques, and intracorporeal hypothermia may help minimize, or reduce the effect of warm ischemia.

Journal of endourology. 2018 May [Epub]

Sohrab Arora, Craig Rogers

Vattikuti Urology Institute , Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan.