Outcomes of treatment in men with prostate cancer at the cancer centre Bahamas

This is a first report from The Bahamas of management and long-term outcomes in men with non-metastatic prostate cancer treated with radiotherapy, with or without androgen deprivation therapy, from 2004 to 2016.

Patients were characterized by baseline factors, stratified by risk groups using tumor stage (clinical T-stage), prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test result and Gleason grade, and sorted by treatment combinations (by radiation volume and use of androgen deprivation).

Overall, 205/216 men were Afro-Caribbean. Median age was 66. There were 18 low-, 77 intermediate-, and 121 high-risk patients, treated with prostate-only versus pelvis plus prostate radiotherapy, many receiving 2 years of androgen suppression. Time to commence radiation was about 6 months from initial diagnosis. In those not relapsing, global PSA nadir was reached in 4 years and was under 1.0, reduced from a mean at baseline of 31. At 10 years, disease-free experience (32 relapses) was 68% and overall survival was 87%, although only 2/12 deaths were related to prostate cancer. This experience compares favorably with recently published outcomes from other countries using very similar treatments.

This study establishes benchmark statistics from diagnosis to long-term follow-up. Outcomes in Bahamian men are consistent with expectations from risk-stratified guidelines followed in developed countries.

Cancer causes & control : CCC. 2017 Sep 01 [Epub ahead of print]

Glenn Wayne Jones, Osama Kellini, Robin Roberts, Nevein Girgis, Chelsea Brown, Krista Nottage, Thomas McGowan, Corrine Sin Quee-Brown, Conville Brown

The Partners Clinical Research Centre, 72 Collins Avenue, Nassau, Bahamas. ., The Cancer Centre Bahamas, 72 Collins Avenue, Nassau, Bahamas., School of Clinical Medicine and Research, University of West Indies, Nassau, Bahamas., World Health Innovation Network, University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada., The Partners Clinical Research Centre, 72 Collins Avenue, Nassau, Bahamas.