[Principles, modalities and indications of the administration of Radium in cancers, focus on metastatic prostate cancer: State of arts]

Prostate cancer is the first cancer in men and has a specific tropism to bones. This tropism provided the rationale to develop bone targeting radiopharmaceutical agents, such as strontium, samarium and more recently the Radium-223, an alpha-emitter. In a phase III trial, ALSYMPCA, Radium-223 not only improved pain relief, but also impacted on overall survival. Despite an approval by both FDA and EMA, prescription of this agent remains limited by the lack of refund, especially in France. Radium-223 is currently evaluated in several clinical trials (combination with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone therapy) in order to optimize the therapeutic sequences in metastatic bone prostate cancer and argues for being incorporated into the current therapeutic arsenal.

Bulletin du cancer. 2017 Aug 07 [Epub ahead of print]

Pauline Bertolaso, Laura Leroy, Marine Gross-Goupil, Olivier Aupee, Alain Ravaud, Guilhem Roubaud, Anne-Laure Cazeau, Sylvestre Le Moulec

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