Discussing the Predictive, Prognostic, and Therapeutic Value of Germline DNA-Repair Gene Mutations in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients

Recent trends in cancer therapy have begun emphasizing the use of precision medicine, especially genetic tools, in the evaluation of malignancies and decision-making. Prostate cancer is a malignancy where the benefits and utility of screening and early treatment are still heavily controversial. A recent paper in the New England Journal of Medicine found that patients with metastatic prostate cancer presented germline mutations in DNA-repair genes at a significantly higher incidence than those with localized prostate cancer. These findings indicate the need for further research in this field as genetic differences between metastatic and localized prostate cancer could have great clinical value.

Cancer biology & therapy. 2017 Jul 05 [Epub ahead of print]

Ralph J Hauke, Tristan M Sissung, William D Figg

a Molecular Pharmacology Section, Genitourinary Malignancies Branch , Bethesda , MD , USA., b Clinical Pharmacology Program, Office of the Clinical Director, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health , Bethesda , MD , USA.