Diagnosis and treatment for clinically localized prostate cancer. Adherence to the European Association of Urology clinical guidelines in a nationwide population-based study - GESCAP group

To assess the adherence to European Association of Urology (EAU) guidelines in the management of prostate cancer (PCa) in Spain.

Epidemiological, population-based, study including a national representative sample of 3,918 incident patients with histopathological confirmation during 2010; 95% of the patient's sample was followed up for at least one year. Diagnosis along with treatment related variables (for localized PCa -low, intermediate, high and locally-advanced by D'Amico risk stratification) was recorded. Differences between groups were tested with Chi-squared and Kruskal-Wallis tests.

Mean (SD) age of PCa patients was 68.48 (8.18). Regarding diagnostic by biopsy procedures, 64.56% of all patients had 8-12 cores in first biopsy and 46.5% of the patients over 75 years, with PSA<10ng/mL were biopsied. Staging by Computer Tomography (CT) or Bone Scan (BS) was used for determining tumor extension in 60.09% of high-risk cases and was applied differentially depending on patients' age; 3,293 (84.05%) patients received a treatment for localized PCa. Radical prostatectomy was done in 1,277 patients and 206 out of these patients also had a lymphadenectomy, being 4.64% low-risk, 22.81% intermediate-risk and 36.00% high-risk patients; 86.08% of 1,082 patients who had radiotherapy were treated with 3D or IMRT and 35.77% received a dose ≥75Gy; 419 patients were treated with brachytherapy (BT): 54.81% were low-risk patients, 22.84% intermediate-risk and 12.98% high-risk. Hormonotherapy (HT, n=521) was applied as single therapy in 9.46% of low-risk and 17.92% of intermediate-risk patients. Additionally, HT was combined with RT in 14.34% of lower-risk patients and 58.26% of high-risk patients, and 67.19% low-intermediate risk with RT and/or BT received neoadjuvant/concomitant/adjuvant HT. Finally, 83.75% of high-risk patients undergoing RT and/or BT also received HT.

Although EAU guidelines for PCa management are easily available in Europe, the adherence to their recommendations is low, finding the highest discrepancies in the need for a prostate biopsy and the diagnostic methods. Improve information and educational programs could allow a higher adherence to the guidelines and reduce the variability in daily practice. (Controlled-trials.com: ISRCTN19893319).

Actas urologicas espanolas. 2017 Mar 09 [Epub ahead of print]

F Gómez-Veiga, A Rodríguez-Antolín, B Miñana, C Hernández, J F Suárez, J M Fernández-Gómez, M Unda, J Burgos, A Alcaraz, P Rodríguez, R Medina, J Castiñeiras, C Moreno, E Pedrosa, J M Cózar, GESCAP

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