Lost Labor Productivity Costs of Prostate Cancer to Patients and Their Spouses: Evidence From US National Survey Data.

OBJECTIVE - The aim of the study is to estimate lost labor productivity costs of prostate cancer (PC) to patients and their spouses.

METHODS - This study used a nationally representative database from the United States, the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, to estimate lost productivity costs attributable to PC for patients and their spouses.

We used multivariate methods that controlled for sociodemographic factors and comorbid diseases. Sensitivity analyses were used to mitigate the tendency for prevalence rates to be underreported in surveys.

RESULTS - PC patients had an aggregate national annual lost productivity cost of $5.4 billion ($3601 per individual), whereas their spouses had an aggregate annual lost productivity cost of $3.0 billion ($4013 per individual).

CONCLUSIONS - These results enhance our knowledge of lost labor productivity costs of PC morbidity and may inform the management and treatment of PC from an employer's perspective.

Journal of occupational and environmental medicine / American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 2016 Apr [Epub]

John A Rizzo, Teresa M Zyczynski, Jie Chen, Peter J Mallow, Géralyn C Trudel, John R Penrod

Stony Brook University (Dr Rizzo), Stony Brook, New York; Bristol-Myers Squibb (Dr Zyczynski and Dr Penrod), Princeton, New Jersey; University of Maryland School of Public Health (Dr Chen), College Park; CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting, Inc. (Dr Mallow), Cincinnati, Ohio; and Bristol-Myers Squibb (Dr Trudel), Montréal, Québec, Canada.