Results of the treatment of bone metastases with modular prosthetic replacement-analysis of 67 patients.

BACKGROUND - Surgical treatment of long-bone metastases requires a comprehensive approach. The indications for surgery are based on the patient's general condition, type and stage of cancer, and survival time expectancy.

Tumor modular endoprostheses have been increasingly used. Surgery should provide pain relief and improve the quality of life.

METHODS - Between 2010 and 2013, 67 patients with malignant metastases were surgically treated with resection prostheses. We performed a retrospective analysis of the indications for the surgery, its course, the type of the prostheses used, and the implantation techniques applied. We evaluated the most important clinical parameters influencing the postoperative quality of life of the patients.

RESULTS - Breast, prostate, and lung cancers are the most common primary tumors that metastasize to bones. The most common site of the lesions is the proximal femur; sporadically, they do occur in bones distal to the knee and elbow. After the surgery, all the patients could walk, most of them without crutches. The pain, rated on a VAS scale, decreased significantly, and the Karnofsky score improved. We observed that joint mobility and the strength of the muscles in the limbs allowed for normal functioning. Postoperative complications including infections and local tumor recurrences were rarely observed.

CONCLUSIONS - The use of modular prostheses is an adequate method of treatment in patients with bone metastases. A radical resection of the tumor, which prevents local recurrences and loosening of implants, gives good outcomes. Reduced joint mobility resulting from muscle attachment cutting is well tolerated and concerns mainly patients that underwent operations on the humerus.

Journal of orthopaedic surgery and research. 2016 Feb 05*** epublish ***

Grzegorz Guzik

Department of Orthopaedic Oncology, Specialist Hospital in Brzozów, Podkarpacie Oncology Centre, Bielawskiego 18, 36-200, Brzozów, Poland.