[Role of the Immune System and Possibilities of Immunotherapy in Prostate Cancer].

In recent years, thanks to new advances in tumor immunology, immunotherapy became a part of intensive research as a novel strategy in cancer treatment. Sipuleucel T is the first and only medicinal product approved by the regulatory agencies in the USA and Europe for the treatment of asymptomatic or minimal symptomatic castrate refractory prostate cancer.

It represents the first product of autologous cell therapy. This article gives a brief overview of new approaches in cancer immunotherapy in clinical development. Key words: prostate cancer -  cancer immunity -  immunotherapy -  anticancer vaccinesThis article was supported by the project (of Ministry of Health) of conceptual development of research organization, University Hospital Motol, Prague, Czech Republic 00064203. The author declares conflicts of interest for Sotio (investigator). The Editorial Board declares that the manuscript met the ICMJE recommendation for biomedical papers. Submitted: 18. 8. 2015Accepted: 16. 9. 2015.

Klinicka onkologie : casopis Ceske a Slovenske onkologicke spolecnosti. 2015 [Epub]

K Kubáčková