[Treatment mapping of prostate cancer in DVPZ prostate centers in Germany]

In prostate centers of the Governing Body of German Prostate Centers (DVPZ, Dachverband der Prostatazentren Deutschlands e.V.) treatment data from 3 university clinics, 21 treatment clinics, 3 private clinics and 330 general practitioners incorporated under 22 certificates are collated, in order to document the quality and type of cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary treatment, in particular of prostate cancer (PCA) patients.

This analysis is based on the DVPZ UroCloud data sets from 20 July 2015. The UroCloud reflects the web-based chronological disease development and quality parameters. For the descriptive analysis of particular key figures, available complete data sets were selected.

Of the centers 22 held a valid certificate and fulfilled all required case numbers and structural prerequisites at the primary certification or recertification. In three cases a reauditing led to requirements before certification. Since 2005 a total of 9650 PCA patients have been pseudonymized and followed up (41,247 follow-up forms, 4. 3 forms per patient). In 2014 the median number of newly documented PCA patients was 61 per center (minimum 7 and maximum 295). Radical prostatectomy (RP) dominated with 4491 (56 %) cases followed by primary hormonal therapy (1210 cases, 15 %), irradiation (809, 10 %) and non-interventional therapy, such as active surveillance (AS) or watchful waiting (WW) in 760 cases (10 %). A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) reduction was documented in 50 % of the patients with a preoperative PSA value > 20, in 60 % of pT4 tumors and in 50 % of patients with a tumor Gleason score of 9-10. A positive incision margin (R+) was found in in 15 % of pT2 stages, 41 % of pT3 stages and 85 % of pT4 stages. A secondary intervention was documented in 6. 5 % of RP.

The DVPZ certificate reflects the complete spectrum of treatment of PCA patients. The strength of the certificate lies in the documentation of patient development and a simultaneous collation of quality parameters.

Der Urologe. Ausg. A. 2015 Nov 01 [Epub ahead of print]

R Berges, T Ebert, W Schafhauser, W Schultze-Seemann, M Braun, J Herden, P Weib, M Garcia Schürmann, M Reimann, C Bornhof, F Oberpenning, P Baur, J Zumbé, E Gronau, W Diederichs, O A Brinkman, M Goepel, A Göll, K Hoefner, M Kriegmair, S Laabs, B Planz, G Platz, A Heidenreich

PZ Köln (Campus Longerich, Campus Universitätsklinikum), Köln, Deutschland. PZ Metropolregion Nürnberg, Nürnberg, Deutschland. , PZ Hochfranken-Fichtelgebirge, Marktredwitz, Deutschland. , PZ Freiburg, Freiburg, Deutschland. , PZ Köln (Campus Longerich, Campus Universitätsklinikum), Köln, Deutschland. , PZ Köln (Campus Longerich, Campus Universitätsklinikum), Köln, Deutschland. , Kompetenznetz Prostata Siegen, Siegen, Deutschland. , PZ Niederrhein, Wesel, Deutschland. , PZ Moers, Moers, Deutschland. , PZ Nürnberg-Mittelfranken, Nürnberg, Deutschland. , PZ Bocholt, Bocholt, Deutschland. , PZ Nymphenburg, München, Deutschland. , PZ Leverkusen, Leverkusen, Deutschland. , PZ Münsterland, Münster, Deutschland. , Berliner PZ, Berlin, Deutschland. , PZ Emsland, Lingen, Deutschland. , PZ West, Velbert, Deutschland. , PZ am Alfried Krupp-Krankenhaus, Essen, Deutschland. , PZ Rhein-Ruhr, Oberhausen, Deutschland. , PZ der UCM, Planegg, Deutschland. , PZ Elbe-Weser, Stade, Deutschland. , PZ Emscher-Lippe, Gladbeck, Deutschland. , PZ Mainspitze, Rüsselsheim, Deutschland. , Euro-Prostatazentrum Aachen, Aachen, Deutschland.



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