Advances in radiotherapy technology for prostate cancer: What every GP should know.

One in five Australian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) is an effective treatment for men suitable for definitive therapy.

This article outlines the processes involved in EBRT for prostate cancer, with particular emphasis on recent technological advances that have had a positive impact on patient outcomes.

The patient's experience is explained and comparisons are made with surgery.

Patients diagnosed with localised prostate cancer may have multiple treatment options. General practitioners have an important role in helping patients navigate their way through the information needed to make this decision. Radiotherapy technologies, including image guidance, intensity-modulated radiation therapy and stereotactic (ablative) radiation therapy are discussed in this article.

Australian family physician. 2015 Sep [Epub]

Peter Gorayski, Mark B Pinkham, Margot Lehman

BSc (Hons), BMBS, FRACGP, Radiation Oncology Advanced Trainee, Radiation Oncology, Mater Cancer Care Centre, South Brisbane, QLD.