How are we going to train a generation of radiologists (and urologists) to read prostate MRI?

Multiparametric MRI has gained tremendous importance in the daily practice for patients at risk or diagnosed with prostate cancer. Interpretation of multiparametric-MRI is a complex task, supposedly restricted to experienced radiologists.

The purpose of this review is to analyze fundamentals of multiparametric-MRI interpretation and to describe how multiparametric-MRI training could be organized.

Recently, professional guidelines have been published to provide technical and interpretation frameworks and harmonize multiparametric-MRI practice, but the question of physicians training in prostate multiparametric-MRI reading is still pending. What kind of education, practice, and training makes a radiologist able to reliably interpret a prostate multiparametric-MRI? How can findings be reported to be easily understood? How much experience is needed? How can we train urologists and other physicians to review the examinations they request? Is double-reading necessary?

An institutional-based competency certification process for prostate multiparametric-MRI interpretation may encourage nonspecialized radiologists to qualify for prostate imaging in a standardized and reproducible way, exactly as urologists need it.

Current opinion in urology. 2015 Nov [Epub]

Philippe Puech, Marco Randazzo, Adil Ouzzane, Vianney Gaillard, Ardeshir Rastinehad, Laurent Lemaitre, Arnauld Villers

aCHU Lille, Department of Radiology, F59000 Lille bUniv. Lille, U1189 - ONCO-THAI - Thérapies Lasers Assistées par l'Image pour l'Oncologie, F59000 Lille cInserm, U1189, F-59000 Lille, France dUniversity Hospital Zürich, Department of Urology, Zürich, Switzerland eCHU Lille, Department of Urology, F59000 Lille, France fIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai New York, New York, USA.



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