Does Multimedia Education with 3D Animation Impact Quality and Duration of Urologists' Interactions with their Prostate Cancer Patients?

This large multicenter study aimed to assess the impact of the use of multimedia tools on the duration and the quality of the conversation between healthcare providers (urologists, radiotherapists and nurses) and their patients.

30 urological centers in Belgium used either videos or other instructive tools in their consultation with prostate cancer patients. Each consultation was evaluated for duration and quality using a visual analog scale.

In total, 905 patient visits were evaluated: 447 without and 458 with video support. During consultations with video support, an average of 2. 3 videos was shown. Video support was judged to be practical and to improve the quality of consultations, without loss of time, regardless of patient age or stage of disease management (p > 0. 05).

Healthcare providers indicate that the use of videos improved patient comprehension about prostate cancer, as well as the quality information exchange, without increasing consultation time. The use of video material was feasible in daily practice, and was easy to understand, relevant and culturally appropriate, even for the most elderly men. Multimedia education also helped to empower men to actively participate in their healthcare and treatment discussions.

Ipsen NV.

Advances in therapy. 2015 Sep 25 [Epub ahead of print]

Alexandre Peltier, Fouad Aoun, Filip Ameye, Robert Andrianne, Gert De Meerleer, Louis Denis, Steven Joniau, Antoon Lambrecht, Ignace Billiet, Frank Vanderdonck, Thierry Roumeguère, Roland Van Velthoven

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