Value of Endorectal MRI in Romanian Men for High Risk of Prostate Cancer: MRI Findings Compared with Saturation Biopsy

To evaluate the potentials of T2 weighted (T2W)MRI and diffusion weighted (DW) MRI for prostate cancer(PCa) detection, local staging and treatment planning inhigh-risk group.

Endorectal MRI was performed in 17 Romanian men (median age: 66 years; range: 58 75 years), prostate specific antigen (PSA) serum levels (median: 20 ng mL; range: 8.

6 100 ng mL) with positive findings for PCa(median Gleason score: 8; range: 7 - 9) Imaging findings were compared to standarised 20-core transperineal saturation biopsy The prostate was divided into 16 standart sectors(10 posterior and 6 anterior)

Overall, prostate cancer was detected in 16 patients(94%) on DW-MRI alone and in all 17 patients (100%) onT2W-MRI alone, and on combined imaging On T2W-MRI165 sectors out of 272 were suspicious for PCa and 124 (75%)were cancer positive On DW-MRI 126 sectors out of 272 weresuspicious for PCa and 118 (95%) were cancer positive On thecombined imaging approach 134 sectors out of 272 were suspicious for PCa and 126 (94%) were cancer positive This resulted in diagnostic accuracies per sector of 76% for T2WMRI, 86% for DW-MRI and 89% for combined imaging Multifocal PCa was confirmed both on MR imaging and bybiopsy in 8 of the 17 men (47%) Extra capsular extension(ECE) or seminal vesicles invasion (SVI) was highly suspectedin 8 (47%) respectively 7 (41%) of the 17 patients 6 patients(35%) presented both ECE and SVI MRI findings were taken into account for treatment planning and none of these patients underwent radical prostatectomy and instead was treated with palliative cryotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonetherapy

Endorectal MRI is highly accurate in PCa detection in the high-risk group and seems to have animportant role in local staging and treatment planning for Romanian population

Chirurgia (Bucharest, Romania : 1990) 0000 [Epub]

A Lebovici, S A Sfrangeu, C Caraiani, C Lucan, M Suciu, F Elec, Gh Iacob, M Buruian



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